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Kindly read the terms and conditions accurately mentioned below (either booking for him selves or for someone else) and acknowledge with Eagle Travels Ltd. PASSPORT, VISA, & IMMIGRATION NEEDS

You are responsible to check all the travel necessities like, visa, passport and traveling docs. You will consult with the relevant embassy before the date of departure so that amendment can be made if possible, occasionally. Unfortunately, we are not taking any liability in case of failure to provide any requirement demanded by the airline and immigration authority. DEPOSITS & TICKETS ARE NEITHER REFUNDABLE NOR CHANGEABLE (Terms and conditions may apply)

All the deposits and issued tickets are neither refundable nor changeable and no exchangeable to another name, date change is not permitted. Issued tickets are not re-routable, and once you made the partial payment (initial deposit) Airline can increase the fare/tax at any time without any prior notice and in that particular case we are not liable and you will have to pay whatever the difference. It means the price is not guaranteed unless or until the ticket is not issued. That is why we always recommend to our valued customers to pay within the due date and time mentioned in the invoice to avoid this sort of situation. When you may cancel your reservation, no matter whatever the reason, deposits are non-refundable.


It is your responsibility to check all flight details with name, spellings (as per passport and travel documents) check departure airport and destination airport, stop over, transit visa. When, the ticket is issued then no changes can be made.


If you want to some particular things, like seat allocation, meal of your choice, just notify to the relevant agent at the time of issuance of the ticket. We will try our best by passing your request to the relevant airline, but not guaranteed.


Eagle travels Ltd is not liable if your relevant airline fails to operate. You are advised to arrange travel insurance which cover your traveling requirements and protect yourself.


We are not taking any authority for lost and stolen baggage; you will have to call to the relevant airline in that situation. You are highly recommended to purchase travel insurance that cover your needs. And make sure that you are eligible medically, as per the requirements of the country you are moving.

You will reconfirm the ticket at least 72 hours before to your flight.


After receiving the full payment, we will issue your ticket but schedule change and fare/tax increment in not in our hands. Before issuance of the ticket you will send us confirmation email after checking the flight details then we will be able to issue the tickets.


If the passenger is making either the full payment or making in installments, you will have to let us know regarding completion of the payment, because we need to claim the payment from our account department. And payment completion will be counted from the day it was confirmed.


If you are feeling bad, panic, injustice and misbehavior from any agent of the company, do not hesitate to ask to transfer the call to the manger or send email by specifying to the manger. You will be pleased.


Please read these closely as the person making this booking (either for him selves or for any other passenger) accepts all the below terms and conditions.


Except if specified, All the deposits paid and tickets purchased / issued are non-repayable in case of cancellation or no show (Failure to arrive at departure airport on time) and non-changeable before or after departure (date change is not permitted). Once flights reserved, bookings / tickets are non-movable to any other person means that name changes are not permitted. Issued Ticket are also not re-routable.

If you are reserving the flight by making the advance partial payment (initial deposit) then please note that fare/taxes may increase at any time without the prior notice. It means the price is not guaranteed unless ticket is issued because airline has right to increase the price due to any reason. In that case we will not be liable and passenger has to pay the fare/tax difference. We always endorse you to pay ASAP.

And get issued your ticket to avoid this situation. In addition, if you will cancel your reservation due to any reason, then the paid deposit(s) will not be refunded.

No matter happens 66 GBP per person will be charged, if you will cancel your reservation before ticket issuance. After issuance of the ticket all payments are non-refundable.


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